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ಹಾಳುಮಾಡು, ನಾಶಪಡಿಸು, ಬಳಸಿಬಿಡು
Consume :
- ಸೇವಿಸುತ್ತವೆಸೇವಿಸುವ.ಬಳಕೆಸೇವಿಸುವ

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Verb(1) eat up completely, as with great appetite(2) serve oneself to, or consume regularly(3) spend extravagantly(4) destroy completely(5) use up (resources or materials(6) engage fully

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(1) Hence, it is not strange that they are willing to consume services that are too expensive for poorer people.(2) I'd arrive at my teacher's house and fear would instantly consume me.(3) Herakles alone is positioned to consume food and drink.(4) But our privacy from the marketplace is always qualified, because as long as we consume goods and services, then to some extent our private pursuits occur within the marketplace.(5) Scott felt the same feeling of guilt consume him again.(6) Put another way, we work so that we may consume goods or services that help us survive or give us pleasure, not simply for the sake of working.(7) The milliliter of saliva normally in our mouth acts as a buffer, adjusting the pH level of the mouth as we consume acidic foods and drinks.(8) Stop letting your hate consume you and go do something with your lives.(9) Those same children will consume goods so producers can afford to make them and we can buy them too; the list of contributions to our way of life, whether or not they are our children, is an endless one.(10) Sometimes, however, overwhelming feelings of anger can consume us.(11) The teeth of children who consume acidic foods or drinks, become sensitive to hot and cold food and drink.(12) For one month he would only consume food and drink available from McDonald's and he had to finish every meal.(13) these machines consume 5 percent of the natural gas in the U.S(14) After putting various sauces and other things on them, they returned to their table and began to consume the food and drink they'd just ordered.(15) Society cannot survive on the intangible ÔÇÿfeelgoodsÔÇÖ of ideas and creativity - it needs to consume goods and services produced.(16) Designate a day to drink only water and consume no food.
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ಅಪ್ ತಿನ್ನಲು
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Different Forms
consume, consumed, consumes, consuming
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