English to Kannada Meaning :: embryonic

ಭ್ರೂಣದ, ಮೂಲಾವಸ್ಥೆಯ, ಭ್ರೂಣೀಯ
Embryonic :
- ಭ್ರೂಣ

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Adjective(1) of an organism prior to birth or hatching(2) in an early stage of development

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(1) An article, in its embryonic stage, is very much like a spoiled piece of chicken that is consumed too fast.(2) Sid represents a new generation of energetic workers on the rise, harbingers of a boom still in its embryonic stage.(3) The subject was the research use of embryonic stem cells, which Thompson approves.(4) Hamilton's embryonic ideas seemed to bear the taint of eugenics.(5) The reform process in general is slow, but ongoing and in some sectors at its infancy or even embryonic stage.(6) The process of pattern generation is completed in mammals during the embryonic stage.(7) I think this game has come too early for a unit in the embryonic stages of its development.(8) This was known to influence numerous cellular mechanisms and could affect early embryonic development.(9) The limits on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research are one example.(10) The Stop the War Coalition has benefited from their involvement from the embryonic stages of its existence.(11) To include a test system avoiding this general problem, primary human embryonic fibroblasts were added to the study.(12) The neural tube is the embryonic structure that develops into the brain and spinal cord.(13) What the Tribunal was being told about was the embryonic stages of the formation of a terror cell in Australia.(14) Compare the embryonic cleavage stage of Drosophila with that of later embryonic development.(15) Without doubt, it is still in its embryonic stages, and has yet to find its true place as a genre and as a community.(16) The latter has eyes during its early embryonic stage, but they quickly degenerate.
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English to Kannada Dictionary: embryonic

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