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ಪ್ರಚೋಧಿಸು, ಪ್ರೇರಿಸುಅತುರಗೊಳ್ಳು
Excite :
- ಪ್ರಚೋದಿಸಲುಹರ್ಷಪ್ರಚೋದಿಸುತ್ತಾನೆಉತ್ತೇಜಕ

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Verb(1) arouse or elicit a feeling(2) act as a stimulant(3) stir feelings in(4) cause to be agitated, excited, or roused(5) stimulate sexually(6) stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of(7) raise to a higher energy level(8) produce a magnetic field in

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(1) The harmless radio waves excite protons that form the nuclei of hydrogen atoms in the body.(2) Doesn't excite me sexually, but I could certainly watch it again and again, even as it makes me wince.(3) Now, when this wavefront hits a material, some of the wavelets will hit atoms and excite electrons to a higher energy state.(4) It was wrong to use private letters from bereaved relations of soldiers killed in Iraq in order to excite sympathy for his own doubts and anguish, knowing that their suffering must be incomparably greater.(5) The more massive salt molecules themselves need a larger contribution of energy in order to excite them.(6) The system is designed to send vibrations to sensitive parts of the driver's body, and it could excite feelings in them that have long lain dormant.(7) the ability to excite interest in others(8) Heat is one example; if the sample is heated, thermal energy will excite some electrons up into the Conduction Band.(9) Even the most graphic porn doesn't excite you any more.(10) In reality what it is about is trying to inspire and excite people to think about the town centre.(11) Therefore, I shall only name a few of the attractions, enough to elicit and excite the public curiosity.(12) the energy of an electron is sufficient to excite the atom(13) the article didn't excite much interest(14) That's all I wanted to do, not thinking that I would make waves, change minds, excite people, incite people, turn on people, repulse people.(15) The center also activates the autonomic motor nerve cells in the cranial nerve nuclei that excite peristalsis in the smooth muscle of the distal esophageal body and relax the lower esophageal sphincter.(16) ÔÇÿÔǪ The Fascist BrothelÔÇÖ may well excite the art-rock lovers but those who crave for a bit of style to go with it may be left a little disappointed.
Related Words
(1) excite ::
1. thrill ::
2. arouse ::
3. provoke ::
4. stimulate ::
5. charge up ::
6. energize ::
ಶಕ್ತಿ ತುಂಬು
Different Forms
excite, excited, excites, exciting
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