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Media :
- ಮಾಧ್ಯಮಮೀಡಿಯಾಸ್ಮಧ್ಯಸ್ಥಿಕೆ

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Noun(1) the main means of mass communication (especially television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively.(2) an intermediate layer, especially in the wall of a blood vessel.(3) a voiced unaspirated stop; (in Greek) a voiced stop.(4) an ancient region of Asia, southwest of the Caspian Sea, corresponding approximately to present-day Azerbaijan, northwestern Iran, and northeastern Iraq.(5) an agency or means of doing something.(6) the intervening substance through which impressions are conveyed to the senses or a force acts on objects at a distance.(7) a particular form of storage for digitized information, such as magnetic tape or discs.(8) a liquid (e.g., oil or water) with which pigments are mixed to make paint.(9) a person claiming to be in contact with the spirits of the dead and to communicate between the dead and the living.(10) the middle quality or state between two extremes; a reasonable balance.

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(1) However, in my opinion, the main responsibility of the media is to tell the truth.(2) Of course, the most extreme views tend to make the best headlines, so they get all the media and public attention.(3) It is in this regard that the media in Bulgaria has a vital role to play.(4) The role of medical journals and the media should not be ignored in that debate.(5) the campaign won media attention(6) It is often only the big, single-issue campaigns that capture the media 's attention and excite the public.(7) Even a minor fall in house prices is nowadays regarded as a signal for mass panic by the media .(8) Within days a wave of criticism was unleashed in the international media .(9) Alternatively, thickness of the carotid intima and media may be measured by using ultrasound.(10) The health minister has been particularly prominent in the media in this regard.(11) The media barrage brought public attention, and led more people to become fans.(12) The international media has taken its eye off Zimbabwe, yet the suffering of its people has in no way abated.(13) This sheet was placed around a tubular support to produce the media of the vessel.(14) It all depends on confidence and what publicity the media gives to the market.(15) It sparked a massive media appeal to find bone marrow donors for the four youngsters.(16) Interest in the games has been fuelled by the huge exposure in the media , particularly on television.
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1. the press ::
Different Forms
media, medias, mediation
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