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ವಾಸನೆ, ಕಂಪು, ನಾತವಾಸನೆಯುಳ್ಳ
Odour :
- ವಾಸನೆಯನ್ನುodouredವಾಸನೆಯಿಲ್ಲದವಾಸನೆ

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Noun(1) the sensation that results when olfactory receptors in the nose are stimulated by particular chemicals in gaseous form(2) any property detected by the olfactory system

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(1) That's why he has always stuck by Mr Byers, despite the bad political odour which has surrounded him for so long.(2) a decade of bad odour between Britain and the European Community(3) Only when the deity smells the odour of sacrifice rightly made does he respond.(4) an odour of suspicion(5) During that time, the officer had smelled the odour of alcohol on the accused's breath.(6) He could smell the familiar odour of rotting foliage in his nostrils.(7) the odour of cigarette smoke(8) Often the first indication that a microorganism problem exists is a characteristic musty odor .(9) the odor of cigarette smoke(10) One concern that many people have is what to use to eliminate odor on furniture.(11) They have a characteristic musty odor that is detectable when large numbers are present or when the bugs are crushed.(12) Occupants also had noticed a strong unpleasant odor resembling sewage.(13) Also, some species can emit a strong, foul odor if handled - we found this out firsthand.(14) a decade of bad odor between Britain and the European Community(15) Before drifting off, I detected an odor emanating from the vestibule of Ido's tent.(16) They have a very distinctive pungent odor when crushed.
Related Words
(1) body odor ::
1. smell ::
2. aroma ::
3. atmosphere ::
4. scent ::
Different Forms
odour, odoured, odourless, odours
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