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ಕತ್ತಿಯಿಂದ, ಖಡ್ಗದಿಂದ ಕತ್ತರಿಸಿ ಹಾಕು, ಸುಲಿಗೆ ಮಾಡುಕತ್ತರಿಸು
Shear :
- ಬರಿಯಛಿದ್ರಗೊಂಡಿದರಿಂದಶಿಯರೆರ್ಕತ್ತರಿಸುವಕತ್ತರಿ

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Noun(1) (physics(2) a large edge tool that cuts sheet metal by passing a blade through it
Verb(1) cut with shears(2) shear the wool from(3) cut or cut through with shears(4) become deformed by forces tending to produce a shearing strain

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(1) Immobilization of a wound often reduces pressure and shear forces and reduces the number of cycles of injury to which the wound is exposed.(2) Neither the normal stress nor the frictional shear stress acting on the cone tip surface is uniformly distributed.(3) It made the whole venture seem like a device for the Big Three to shear the wool of suppliers, which, by the way, was fairly transparent to the supply community.(4) I'll shear off all that fleece(5) When they arrived at Charlotte Waters it was time to shear the sheep, resulting in 200 bales of wool which were sent back by camel to Port Augusta.(6) I'm no longer quite able to shear a sheep or crutch a ram or do as I used to, and it's foolish to think that you remain young forever.(7) A possible measure of drag is shear stress, but normal forces for inviscid flow can be viewed as responsible for most of the power loss.(8) This means that, on the one hand, it depends on the polymer viscosity (and shear force) and, on other hand, it relates to the roughness of the metallic surface.(9) Use proper positioning, transferring, and turning techniques to minimize skin injury caused by friction and shear forces.(10) aluminium is not very resilient to shear forces(11) the water from the upper source is emitted at the same speed as the main flow; there is thus no shear(12) When he rose it was to shear off all his hair, and to order to have all the ornaments in the city taken off the walls and the manes and tails of all the horses sheared as well.(13) Entrants in Geraldton Speed Shears had to demonstrate they could shear a sheep quickly and cleanly within a set time.(14) The advantage of the new approach is that the elastic modulus associated with shear waves varies greatly between different types of tissue.(15) Based on simple limit equilibrium and an elastoplastic interface shear relation, pull-out test results are predicted in terms of the relative interface bond resistances.(16) These cells are found in a mechanically active environment and are required to withstand shear stress, blood pressure, and changes in pressure due to breathing cycles.
Related Words
(1) shear stress ::
Different Forms
shear, sheared, shearer, shearers, shearing
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