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Arbitrary :
- ಅನಿಯಂತ್ರಿತನಿರಂಕುಶವಾಗಿ

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Adjective(1) based on or subject to individual discretion or preference or sometimes impulse or caprice

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(1) Freedom from arbitrary power is a great good - but so is the avoidance of anarchy.(2) Thus a major new avenue of arbitrary government power would be opened up.(3) How you can tell whether a binary number of arbitrary size is divisible by 10 without looking at the whole number?(4) If not, what is to prevent the exercise of excessive or arbitrary power?(5) Capricious and arbitrary as the system might be, it serves several contradictory needs at once.(6) That was the system - arbitrary , incomprehensible, illogical - and fairness had nothing to do with it.(7) Police officers cannot take arbitrary measures based on suspicion.(8) Citizens, too, began to complain that the economic system was bafflingly arbitrary .(9) They have, I believe, lost their way and taken a path that can only lead back to the supremacy of arbitrary power.(10) He defined differential operators of arbitrary order D t.(11) So, here I would only talk about a few rather arbitrary points that have occupied my mind in the recent days and leave the rest to other people to explore.(12) By the time of the Revolution, the standing army had become a symbol of repressive authority and arbitrary rule.(13) He was an eloquent opponent of the exercise of arbitrary power by governments the world over.(14) To put those forms of authority on the same register as the state and-worse-subject them all to the arbitrary power of the state is not helpful.(15) The following films deal with rebellion against arbitrary or repressive authority.(16) These kings have not unlimited or arbitrary power, and the generals do more by example than by authority.
1. capricious ::
2. whimsical ::
3. random ::
4. chance ::
5. unpredictable ::
6. casual ::
7. wanton ::
8. unmotivated ::
10. unreasoned ::
11. unsupported ::
12. irrational ::
13. illogical ::
14. groundless ::
15. unjustified ::
16. personal ::
17. discretionary ::
18. subjective ::
1. orderly ::
2. organized ::
3. regular ::
Different Forms
arbitrarily, arbitrary
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