English to Kannada Meaning :: remember

ನೆನಪುನೆನಪಿಡು, ಜ್ಞಾಪಿಸಿಕೊ
Remember :
- ನೆನಪಿಡಿನೆನಪಿನಲ್ಲಿನೆನೆದುನೆನಪಿಸಿಕೊಳ್ಳುತ್ತಾರೆ

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Verb(1) recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection(2) keep in mind for attention or consideration(3) recapture the past; indulge in memories(4) show appreciation to(5) mention favorably, as in prayer(6) mention as by way of greeting or to indicate friendship(7) exercise, or have the power of, memory(8) call to remembrance; keep alive the memory of someone or something, as in a ceremony

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(1) I remember the screech of the horn as the car came towards me(2) But again, we must remember that unlike reality TV, this film is deliberate about everything.(3) I don't even remember all the things that happened on this trip.(4) Before booking airfare, remember to research all your options, including alternate airports.(5) Enjoy this island and remember to venture out of your resort to do some exploring and make the most of your time on this very exotic island.(6) do you remember?(7) Everyone must remember that the Federal Government has no responsibility to fund the bypass.(8) I must remember not to ask that question(9) If we are ever together again, we must always remember that there are to be no unkind words, thoughts or gestures.(10) Don't assume the applicants will remember to specify which jobs interest them.(11) It is important to remember that the focus must be on the child.(12) Just remember to book your homebound flight from the right airport.(13) Whenever a team isn't winning, people always remember who isn't playing.(14) she can't remember whether she saw him or not(15) You must remember that in Europe during those days everyone wore a uniform of one sort or another.(16) Here in Britain, we must remember that we are allied with America, therefore many of the things we hear are pro-American.
Related Words
1. recall ::
2. memorize ::
4. be sure ::
5. send one's best wishes ::
ಒಬ್ಬರ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳನ್ನು ಕಳುಹಿಸಿ
6. commemorate ::
7. bequeath something to ::
ಏನಾದರೂ ಮೃತ್ಯುಪತ್ರ ಮೂಲಕ ಸ್ವಂತ ಆಸ್ತಿ ಕೊಡು
8. commend ::
9. think back ::
ಮತ್ತೆ ಭಾವಿಸುತ್ತೇನೆ
10. think ::
11. think of ::
1. forget ::
2. unlearn ::
ಮರೆತು ಬಿಡು
Different Forms
remember, remembered, remembering, remembers
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