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:: Ballets use of point shoes is not intended to cripple the dancers feet:: The dance and the dancers idiom transcend time space and language:: Romani uses many idiomatic expressions proverbs and sayings often with metaphorical qualities:: The bands style ranges from indie rock to progressive with such influences as Radiohead The Stone Roses Led Zeppelin and The Frames:: :: Just 79 of the ships complement of 284 souls survived:: We usually have in mind a system where a stem is combined with various affixes which might be prefixes suffixes or infixes:: :: At the outbreak of the Revolution in 1917 the family was compelled to leave Russia and they eventually settled just outside Brussels where they managed to lead a life of comparative comfort:: They spoke Yiddish mostly:: As a satire on Thatcherism Hares play is richly effective:: Its true that under God sometimes appears in verse and religious writing used adjectivally :: Far from being proof of childrens linguistic inadequacy analogy is a demonstration of their mastery of the core rules of English morphology:: The domain from which potential antecedents for both individual and discoursedeictic anaphors can be elicited is defined in terms of dialogue acts:: When an expression referring to an antecedent utterance is substituted for x in x is true the resulting claim will have the same content as its anaphoric antecedent:: That music has persuaded a huge range of actors and actresses to don basques and fishnets over the years:: The only words that appear are a few onomatopoeia such as ring poff and boom:: The pain etched on the face of every single Lisbon Lion was proof if any were needed of the remarkable bonding achieved by this singular football team:: :: But then Coward himself was less refined than he thought The general consensus of opinion he has Hugo say two tautologies in a mere five words:: Their proposal presupposes that the members of this set ie laryngeals pharyngeals uvulars and velars should have in common certain physical basis:: This cacophony will not espouse one Political agenda one religion or one culture:: When you turn on the tap unfiltered water flows through the faucet head at a fullpressure flow as with any conventional faucet:: Small deletions are indicated by hyphens and large deletions by triangles:: theres nothing to laugh at::
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