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:: Less than an hour after the Potters Bar crash three people were killed and another two critically injured in a headon collision between two cars in Llandudno in Wales:: If we can express a square number also as the sum of two other square numbers then Pythagoras Theorem tells us that we have three sides of a rightangled triangle:: She also is unafraid to be generous with the pedal yet clarity isnt sacrificed:: A second burn was due to take place at 18 17 CEST lasting only a few seconds:: At one point they neared a horse and wagon that had a wheel wedged deep into the earth:: The existing facilities have almost reached saturation point and are under pressure not to mention traffic jams on the expressways it said:: :: The topography is agreeable to hiking and walking safaris are allowed:: This involved crossing wide Frenchstyle boulevards by foot and nerves of steel are required:: A disk grinder with a 30 grit sanding disk works well for removing rubber:: :: With this rhythmic cry Duan in his crumpled old blue suit pushes a benchlike cart along the street:: we were the only team not to choke when it came to the crunch:: But naval and maritime chiefs want more than a oneyear wonder to reinvigorate interest in the sea:: The little guy did have a crucial part in the only goal of the half but a number of the home defenders should have been cashiered for desertion for their part in it:: As blood travels around the body in arteries and veins it is under pressure:: But if you never really liked them all that well to begin with this might be a good time to unload them:: As the Viceroy was being carried in a sedan chair away from the viewing stand a Chinese man jumped out of the crowd lining the street lifted a pistol fired a single shot into the Viceroys head:: The kids meanwhile munched happily on a pizza frozen variety pasta with tomato sauce and chips with a garlic mayonnaise dip :: my plan is to trek about seeing the world:: The Texans left on a jet plane riding a Rocky Mountain high to Denver:: Airline mechanics are inspecting hundreds of MD 80 series jetliners :: I kick indifferently among the jetsam that has sedimented up against the curb somebody once painted white and then forgot about:: One senior figure said that if Taoiseach Bertie Ahern had any sense he would jettison the PDs immediately:: Sometimes it can take a lot of patience to browse through furniture showrooms :: He had taken Spanish in high school and also learned a lot from the Hispanic housekeepers his family had employed throughout the years:: What about the stress it causes to his partner and family when he has gambled away the housekeeping money:: my plan is to trek about seeing the world:: my plan is to trek about seeing the world:: The Texans left on a jet plane riding a Rocky Mountain high to Denver
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