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:: No one would claim these views represent mainstream opinion and fringe groups often try to hijack the news agenda through coordinated letter writing campaigns:: Little is known regarding their expression in biliary tract and pancreatic carcinomas:: By that time the bones had set so doctors had to break the bones again in order to permit a proper resetting:: I love clothes and the fair trade ones often are very expensive and not designed for erm statuesque women:: I mean and very often when really good stuff happens to you in terms of money you lose track of whats important and I fancy that I havent lost track of that:: she grabbed Annas arm her fingers sinking into the flesh:: I have been redeemed with the precious blood of Christ a lamb without blemish or defect:: If you breathe it it will blister your mouth and throat until you suffocate:: Imprisonment cost him a lung and severe back problems for the rest of his life but he never complained:: To this day I still feel appalled that there are people who have such hideous and dark sides to them:: She was tall but unlike Solange she was composed less of sinews and bone but rather of elegantlydeveloped womanly curves:: First he did his little purr thing followed by his sinewy arch thing:: She was petite with delicate features and hands that seemed to be ageless:: leg of chicken:: I cautiously took a step forward and looked at him leeringly :: The man is described as aged 18 to 20 of medium build dark European or black with short black hair and a goatee beard or moustache:: It was an intemperate outburst but even as he stamped out of the room with a dark glower his inquisitors were breaking into smiles:: Hes got a tooth one of his molars thats causing him a lot of pain and will probably need to be removed:: A jewel sparkled from her pierced navel and her jeans rode low on her hips:: The facial artery may arise by a common trunk with the lingual:: Ten ml of juice were sampled rapidly sterilized by autoclaving and stored at room temperature to prevent mono potassium tartaric salt precipitation until the preparation of the samples for C measurements
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