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Cracksman :
- cracksman

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Noun(1) a thief who breaks open safes to steal valuable contents

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(1) Channels were changed by turning a dial with all the care of a master cracksman opening the safe of the Bank of England.(2) The cracksman didn't even require any nitro-glycerine to open the safe.(3) Two reformed cracksmen are unjustly accused of the theft and are severely put to it to prove their innocence.(4) It is rather premature to say as yet who the cracksmen are.(5) For a time, he worked as an assistant for other, better trained cracksmen .(6) Cracksmen are on the prowl.(7) There were however two much earlier cracksmen of whom it is unlikely anyone has ever heard.(8) It would prove an insurmountable or even lethal obstacle to most cracksmen .(9) The cracksmen secured a crowbar and other tools from the railway shops, and also piled a quantity of baled hay about the building.(10) Raffles and his helper were criminals - specifically amateur cracksmen .
1. safecracker ::
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