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ಕಾಂತತ್ವ ತೆಗೆ, ನಿಷ್ಕಾಂತೀಕರಿಸು
Demagnetize :
- ನಿಷ್ಕಾಂತೀಕರಿಸುdemagnetizeddemagnetizesdemagnetizing

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Verb(1) erase (a magnetic storage device(2) make nonmagnetic; take away the magnetic properties (of

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(1) The immense seismic vibrations from an impact can create temperatures high enough to melt or demagnetize some rocks in and near the crater.(2) Idle disks may start to lose data and start to demagnetize after a year or two, unless they are spun-up every 30 days.(3) You can't drown it, however, and you can't demagnetize it.(4) For example, once upon a time everyone knew that the tomato was deadly poison, and that one could demagnetize a permanent magnet by rubbing garlic on it.(5) demagnetize the tape heads(6) If the bit becomes too small, the magnetic energy holding the bit in place may also become so small that thermal energy can cause it to demagnetize .(7) Thermal demagnetization was much more effective and most of the specimens were demagnetized using this technique.(8) It demagnetizes the strips on all of your credit cards.(9) The direction and intensity of the remanent magnetization of the oriented samples before and after demagnetization were analysed using spinner magnetometers.(10) Your recent commentary about the man ÔÇÿ demagnetizing ÔÇÖ computers reminded me of a similar query one of our customers had.(11) Thermal demagnetization was less successful due to large magneto-mineralogical alterations.(12) The specimens were processed using a JR5A spinner magnetometer and demagnetized using a Molspin tumbler demagnetizer .(13) During the thermal demagnetization procedure each sample was demagnetized with a minimum of ten steps based on a scheme designed after a detailed pilot demagnetization study.(14) As stated, the difference between magnetized and demagnetized material was that electrons in a magnetized object are aligned to go in a single rather than a seemingly randomized direction.(15) The thermal demagnetization of specimens resulted in the identification of five magnetic components.(16) Part of the reason I want one of these things is that my current flimsy ticket keeps getting demagnetised when it goes anywhere near my phone.
1. degauss ::
Different Forms
demagnetize, demagnetized, demagnetizes, demagnetizing
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