English to Kannada Meaning of authority - ಪ್ರಾಧಿಕಾರದಿಂದ

Authority :

ಪ್ರಾಧಿಕಾರದಿಂದ, ಪ್ರಾಬಲ್ಯ, ಪರಮಾಧಿಕಾರ, ನೈಪುಣ್ಯತೆ, ಪ್ರಭಾವವನ್ನು, ಸಾಮರ್ಥ್ಯ, ವಿದ್ಯುತ್, ಕ್ಯಾಲಿಬರ್, ಬಹುಶಃ, ಬಲದ, ಬಲ, ಹಕ್ಕು, ಹತೋಟಿ, ಮಾಸ್ಟರ್, ಮಾಡಾಳು, ಆಡಳಿತಾಧಿಕಾರ, ಗವರ್ನರ್, ಅನುಮತಿಯನ್ನು, ಒಪ್ಪಿಗೆ, ಪರವಾನಗಿಯನ್ನು, ಬಿಟ್ಟು, ಅಧಿಕಾರ, ಆಡಳಿತ, ನಿಯಮ, ಆಡಳಿತದ, ಕಟ್ಟುಪಾಡು, ಸರ್ಕಾರ, ಅಧಿಕಾರಕ್ಕಾಗಿ, ಪರಿಣಾಮ, ಅನಿಸಿಕೆ, ವಿದ್ವಾಂಸ, ಪಂಡಿತ, ಬುದ್ಧಿಜೀವಿ, ಪ್ರತಿಷ್ಠೆಯನ್ನು, ಖ್ಯಾತಿ, ಗಾಂಭೀರ್ಯವನ್ನು, ಗಣ್ಯರು, ಕೀರ್ತಿ, ಪ್ರಾಬಲ್ಯವನ್ನು, ಪರಮ, ದೇವತ್ವ, ಪ್ರಾಕಾರದ, ವ್ಯಾಪ್ತಿಗೆ, ಸಲುವಾಗಿ, ತಿನ್ನುವೆ, ಹಿಡಿದಿಡಲು, ವಿಶೇಷ, ತಜ್ಞ, ಸಮರ್ಥ

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Definitions of authority in English
Noun(1) the power or right to give orders or make decisions(2) (usually plural, administrative(3) an expert whose views are taken as definitive(4) freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities(5) an administrative unit of government(6) official permission or approval(7) an authoritative written work
Examples of authority in English
(1) acting under the authority of the court(2) And this fact will, no doubt, be trumpeted as a success by those set in authority over us.(3) he had absolute authority over his subordinates(4) As I write, I cannot say with authority when the bulldozers will move onto the forty three acre site, but expect it to be sooner rather than later.(5) I want to speak to a person in authority(6) Bring them to meetings and begin to delegate responsibility and authority to act, while you observe and coach.(7) Peter loved jazz and also was quite an authority on that subject.(8) The early Dissenters and Separatists of the late 15th century were his specialist study, and he became an authority on this subject.(9) divine authority(10) No authority was cited in support of a tariff claim for travel of counsel, accommodation or food.(11) We are a civilian organisation and our officers have no executive powers, such as the authority to detain or arrest people.(12) Every soldier now has the authority to find and arrest any war criminal.(13) The Council said it was questionable whether it had the legal authority to expend funds to provide educational services in the town.(14) We can delegate the authority to train and bring up our children to someone else but never the responsibility.(15) the licence was granted on the court's authority(16) In this area Cullen writes with authority and knowledge.
Related Phrases of authority
(1) competent authority ::
(2) local authority ::
ಸ್ಥಳೀಯ ಆಡಳಿತ
(3) delegation of authority ::
ಅಧಿಕಾರದ ನಿಯೋಗ
(4) authority figure ::
ಅಧಿಕಾರವನ್ನು ಚಿತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿನ
(5) public authority ::
ಸಾರ್ವಜನಿಕ ಪ್ರಾಧಿಕಾರದ
(6) legal authority ::
ಕಾನೂನು ಪ್ರಾಧಿಕಾರ
(7) certificate authority ::
ಪ್ರಮಾಣಪತ್ರ ಪ್ರಾಧಿಕಾರದ
(8) line authority ::
ಲೈನ್ ಪ್ರಾಧಿಕಾರದಿಂದ
(9) licensing authority ::
ಪರವಾನಗಿ ಪ್ರಾಧಿಕಾರದಿಂದ
(10) central authority ::
ಅಧಿಕಾರವನ್ನು ಕೇಂದ್ರ
1. power ::
2. authorization ::
4. expert ::
5. evidence ::
6. self-assurance ::
ಆತ್ಮ ವಿಶ್ವಾಸ
7. sanction ::
8. say-so ::
ಹೇಳಲು ಆದ್ದರಿಂದ
9. bureau ::
1. amateur ::
2. inexpert ::
Different Forms
authorities, authority
Word Example from TV Shows
I gave you real power and authority.

I gave you real power and AUTHORITY.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 1

They don't argue
or question my intellectual authority.

They don't argue or question my intellectual AUTHORITY.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 3

Under my authority
as a self-appointed member

Under my AUTHORITY as a self-appointed member

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 2

The gods don't recognize
his authority in this matter.

The gods don't recognize his AUTHORITY in this matter.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 6

My dear, you have been stripped
of your dignity and authority,

My dear, you have been stripped of your dignity and AUTHORITY,

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4

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