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:: The plump waitress in a plain pink pinafore and dirty apron smiled a gaptoothed grin red curls pinned back in hair netting:: Since you broke up shes embarked on a downward spiral of dating increasingly unattractive men and it all makes for quite desperate reading:: Bottle shapes evolved so as to allow extended bottle ageing and thus were born vintage wines and connoisseurship:: If you pick up one of these records and find the sleeve appealing theres a good chance that the music inside it will appeal too:: A tollfree phone number is available on the label for updated information on the industrys program:: I opened my notebook and picked up my favourite black pen and tapped the cap against my teeth thinking about what I wanted to write:: The lineup of lingerie on offer in Scotlands stores is overwhelming:: Outer fabric interfacings linings shoulder pads and finishes all react differently when washed:: The dialogueless scenario refuses to jell and is performed somewhat unconvincingly except when the performer slinkily dances:: Dear Capn Drew We keep our pontoon boat in a slip for three months during the summer on Lake Sunapee NH:: For years National Dance Week has been underwritten by dancewear manufacturers with the aim of keeping sales of leotards and ballet slippers aloft:: I was waiting on an uncomfortable plastic chair to be seen by a nurse:: Any footwear which is kept in place by two toes should be condemned:: And so they got on with it taking the standard British freefall nuclear bomb of the time the fetchingly named Blue Danube and designing a pressurised watertight casing for the landmine version:: In 1965 a sudden change occurred drift ice and polar water covered the north Icelandic shelf during spring:: Things once considered undergarments regularly appear as outerwear :: Choose a formfitting outfit no baggy jeans or sweats:: I went home watched the telly and had a few drinks then a couple of nightcaps :: I am going to have several gowns nightdresses and day dresses made for you by then to take to the palace:: She wore a white lace nightie exposing her neck:: Staring at her for a few moments he tried to decide whether or not it would be a good idea to leave her in her jeans and sweatshirt or change her into one of her nightshirts :: The three girls ventured upstairs to get changed into their nightwear Kelly went downstairs in just a night shirt which barely covered her legs and Ben was not impressed:: The temperatures going to drop another ten degrees before the weeks out :: No more though they began to cry for mercy as the school collectively recoiled from the piercing sound that had broken the silence:: The dozen pockets of his safari vest are filled with gear:: You might fancy her in red lace but is it really what she wants Take a look in her knicker drawer when the moment is right and see what she buys for herself:: hes still only in his teens
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