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:: Technology seems to interest them little and their stance is apolitical :: From the ranks of ayatollahs who will already have their own followings among the theological students five or six are chosen to become the Grand Ayatollahs who act as models to be imitated:: :: The guy with the shaved head is pretending to fight with his fraternity brother :: In the Canadian capital Ottawa authorities snuffed and boarded up the Centennial Flame which commemorates Canadian confederation and erected barricades in anticipation of possible violence:: But fortunately this time round I deselected the dont ask on startup option which appears on the initial start up:: :: The indictment claims that the television evangelist failed to report more than 550000 in income over three years beginning in 1998:: At some other point in the interview he accused feminism of being a fatherhating movement:: Because of the lightness and grace of the movements the martial art is cunningly disguised as dance:: Lets have a twoweek break and go on holiday next January:: In President Bushs case his first inaugural was wellwritten but it didnt really say very much:: :: India is the birthplace of Hinduism as well as Buddhism motherland of Sikhs and Jains the abode of more rishis sadhus mahatmas and maharishis than any place on earth:: committee member:: :: The ordination ceremony honors the presence of a special voice:: Having no quarrel with the medial view of motion Sadra sets out to prove the objective existence of motion as passage :: From the 8th century its rulers were elected German kings who usually sought but did not always receive imperial coronation by the popes in Rome:: It may be however that at a deeper level than the ecclesiastical and economic reasons there is a question of Gods Providence :: Others were noncommittal about the idea of supporting a tribunal into an operation that was once acclaimed within the republican movement:: Do the Catholics make you say the rosary before lunch:: The first suras were dominated by gripping apocalyptic scenarios appeals for a return to spiritual and moral values the equality of man and his responsibility to himself and others:: They come to the temple to offer worship:: The upsurge of early printed verse translations makes public a large and rapidly distributed body of foreignborn poetry
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