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:: The kitchen would look absolutely smashing if you tore down a wall and made a kitchen island with the oven and work surfaces but is it a bearing wall:: When the gymnast misses the beam the device instantly picks up the slack on the gym elastics preventing her crashing to the ground:: At that distance you could only see the superstructures :: :: Applications software took a similar amount of time to be adapted to vector machines for example by restructuring loops and adding directives to facilitate automatic vectorization of the code by the compiler:: Darcy went over to the controls and pulled the lever up and the plane straightened up:: If the fabric is polyester it will not discharge or even bleach very well:: The lake has been found littered with polythene bags and plastic bottles:: This is more an observation that a theory but the divide between the prowar and antiwar factions might be characterised by the likelihood of actually serving in combat:: Set each plant in a shallow hole large enough to accommodate the division and the attached fibrous roots:: Its proper divisors are 1 2 4 7 and 14 and the sum of those divisors is 28:: All of Edinburghs contract negotiations for the coming season have now been concluded bringing the squad to 27 players:: According to kinetic molecular theory pressure arises from the impact of gas molecules on container walls:: In 1862 it set up its office building following the blueprint of the British firm of architects:: Renny was still in sore shape from the gunshot wounds and broken ribs but he was now out of danger:: But Melissa writes for the Guardian and Guardian writers have different sensual antennae to the rest of us:: Look at the roof for loose or damaged shingles and contact a roofing contractor for repairs:: Maximum wind velocity reaches 2025 ms:: Tiny particles such as photons or atoms can readily be put into a quantum superposition existing in two different states or places at once:: These populations do not have the ability to utilize exogenous bicarbonate for the process of photosynthesis :: I shall carry out such a consistency proof for elementary number theory:: Twenty million people there face having their lives homes and families blasted to smithereens by the most powerful military machine in the world:: There is now no doubt that natural selection is a mechanism of evolutionary change:: He hit the pavement and hit his head hard enough to render him unconscious:: He just did not have the weight to depress the lever:: A science park developing photoelectricity products has recently been set up in Xian Citycapital of northwest Chinas Shaanxi Province:: In most cases recovering money spent acquiring tech equipment will span several years:: neither of my children showed the merest inclination to follow me into television:: When he walks the rotor of the dynamo rotates generating electricity and rechargeable batteries could be charged
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