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:: He said the smell was caused by polecats which have a natural pungent odour and the dead bird had stunned itself the previous day when it escaped and flew into a window:: The plants were being protected from the gales by old wattle fencing being put alongside the flower beds:: You asked about whether bloodhounds were pack hounds:: As a rule I avoid lumps of grilled tuna its fish for people who dont like eating fish or just dont like eating:: In marine areas species concentrations are highest around coral reefs where butterflyfishes and angelfishes wrasses parrotfishes and triggerfishes are common:: In the East African wetlands you are definitely bound to come across one or two species of ibises :: No slow toxin drips from the fangs of a jungle snake already the mouse is being digested before it is even swallowed:: The company rears popular varieties like goldfish angelfish mollies and fighters in its farm near Coimbatore:: In some species large males may use their major claw to kill smaller crabs:: A network of minireserves on Lakeland hills could provide vital havens for declining bird species like yellowhammers reed buntings and lapwings according to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds:: The data set included sequences of genes from mammals birds amphibians coelacanths lungfishes rayfinned fishes and cartilaginous fishes:: If fast running dogs such as greyhounds or lurchers were used to hunt foxes the whole thing would be over in seconds but then there would be no sport:: Yes unfortunately I do recognize you and the only change I can see is your growth into a more pathetic and loathsome man than the cur I knew before this trip:: Elegant flamingos and other birds flock to Chilika in the winter:: Even endangered species like Diana monkeys lemurs and gibbons are for sale:: The whale calf is thought to have become separated from its mother in the lower Thames where the sighting of another larger bottlenose whale was reported:: Intelligence officials believe he was the mole :: Ruth came to bat in the fifth inning:: Dapping natural and artificial mayflies also worked well:: I did see other signs of spring including listening to eastern meadowlarks and eastern bluebirds:: The one happy story amid the destruction was the rescue of the guarddog Jackson from his kennel at the rear of the garage:: After owls UK government figures identify kestrels common buzzards and peregrine falcons as other raptors most likely to end up as roadkill:: The thrushes a family that includes the American robin and the Eastern bluebird are known for their vocal skill:: a fish farm:: A Pembrokeshire county councillor faces up to six months in prison after being found guilty of deliberately destroying badger setts on land he was developing:: In this role as agenda setters and debate arbiters the networks broadcasts profoundly affect the democratic process:: You wonder how those ringnecked pheasants got from China all the way to South Dakota:: Wild fish caught for farm feed include herring mackerel sand eels and anchovies
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