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:: We were guided as we went by millions of fireflies whose flashing marked the banks like landing lights on an airstrip:: The snout of peccaries has the same mobile cartilaginous disk and terminal nostrils as pigs:: He personally has freezedried weasels deer chipmunks squirrels guinea pigs chinchillas ferrets and more:: Im going to drink nothing but warm Budweiser cut my hair into a mullet and turn my living room into a replica of Nassau Coliseum complete with strobe and laser lights and bad acoustics:: Countries which used to buy mature eels from suppliers like Crowell are now buying elvers to raise and breed themselves:: Adult Japanese beetles have a metallic green head and thorax with coppery brown wing covers and five tufts of white hair on each side of the abdomen:: Plenty of birds of winter still mob Anns bird feeders chickadees juncos sparrows woodpeckers nuthatches goldfinch and doves are in no short supply:: These are known as periodical cicadas but are also commonly called 17year cicadas 13year cicadas or locusts :: Once upon a time in a park not very far from your house there was a little brown bunny with a fluffy white tail:: The identification of two named genera in a single organism presents a taxonomic dilemma:: Ahead the crest of the hill seemed as distant as ever:: Have countries gone to war and have people died in the name of cricket :: Digital cameras have revolutionised the world of photography but many snappers are shocked when they realise just how much it costs to print those fabulous pictures of little Emily:: In truth owls are magnificent birds hunters of the dark that keep dangerous rodent populations well in check:: At dusk the spotted owlets in the crackedup jackfruit and mango trees would be calling querulously bobbing their heads and glaring at you out of great golden eyes:: Over there in the Caribbean all langoustes are nationalised they have to be sold to tourists for currency:: Colin handdives for scallops when he has time and a friends creels supply us with crabs and lobsters crayfish and langoustines :: It was perfect to dip naan bread in and the pilau rice was wolfed down by Matt who seemed to enthuse about how special the chefs special was with every mouthful:: The English hounds bred in royal courts during the 15th and 16th century were highlegged strong animals probably originating from the crossing of English mastiffs with Irish greyhounds and wolfhounds :: Especially vulnerable are large farranging carnivores like grizzly bears mountain lions panthers wolverines and lynx animals that may travel 100 miles in just a few days:: By the campfire at night well hear the wild dingos call:: the bill for their meal came to 17:: Ruddy kingfishers in the Philippines remove land snails from their shells by smashing them against stones on the forest floor:: Although venomous snakes can sometimes deliver a dry bite without releasing their poison all bites require immediate hospital treatment:: Disturbance after eggs are laid provides opportunities for predation by carrion crows jays kestrels magpies foxes and mink:: Frankie was a spineless jellyfish that didnt deserve to make money from Tan
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