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:: Homographic puns make use of multiple meanings from a single spelling eg pen for writing instrument or animal enclosure:: Official codes of nomenclature continue to enforce this rule one name one species although rooting out synonyms and homonyms is a constant struggle:: Ive never been good with homophones or homonyms:: Missing from the documentary is a more rounded picture of Denglers life after his return to the US from Vietnam:: :: The irony of the growing shortage is that in responding to it China could soon find itself with too much capacity:: The film that creates such an atmosphere of despair that I begin to tense up and get nervous:: Once the border on the wood is engraved a fine cotton canvas is affixed to the wood with rabbit skin glue a binding agent that is soaked in water overnight and then heated:: At a White House ceremony where he signed the 417 billion defense spending bill for the 2005 fiscal year Bush uttered another of his celebrated malapropisms :: :: :: If they are not tonguetied they are either inarticulate or brash:: The smallest possible unities phonemic are integrated into ever higher levels of unity morphemic syntactic syntagmatic narratological that are simultaneously equivalent to higher levels of thought:: At Canton however the foreigners had no choice the Cantonese would not let them inside and so they had no opportunity to discover that perhaps here as elsewhere they would rather be outside:: All journalists I know correct a bit of bad grammar in an occasional quote out of courtesy to the source and reader:: An affected individual after a stroke tumour or wound to the area loses the ability to construct grammatical sentences:: These arguments are an almost perfect inversion of the truth:: The centre of our galaxy lies within a cluster of stars in the constellation Sagittarius:: :: This course is for beginners or people who want to refresh their computer skills:: Out of respect for the opinions of others I try to use apostrophes and commas correctly but Im less interested in the details of punctuation than in nearly any other topic I can think of:: Of the passive devices the charcoal canisters and charcoal liquid scintillation detectors are typically used for shortterm tests:: By postnatal day 5 the developing teeth have reached appositional stage where both enamel and dentine are deposited in the crown:: Isnt there an Afrikaans word that means the same thing:: Man being the measure of all things is infinite and each person is incomprehensible :: Please accept our sincere apologies with respect to the proper spelling of your name:: After a short spell doing odd jobs in New Plymouth Stans father landed a plum job in south Taranaki
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