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:: It is a philosophical tearjerker a poignant romance for the intellectual set and a touching character study:: Technologically it points the way but what it lacks is the kind of feature that makes a user addicted to the phone:: I always feel a slight frisson when I cross over to the south:: Financial panic could turn a slowdown into a slump:: Sims basslines were jabs to the gut physical in the extreme:: Dont mistake their reluctance to strike as gutlessness :: This consisted of potato and chive cake with mushroom egg and a gutsy tomato relish served with toast and tea for 6:: Much of the overspend is due to the fact that the council has responded compassionately to the needs of vulnerable people:: I mean and very often when really good stuff happens to you in terms of money you lose track of whats important and I fancy that I havent lost track of that:: she grabbed Annas arm her fingers sinking into the flesh:: Without a flinch or missing a beat Erial continued waltzing around the floor as Artemisia sighed and walked over and picked up the book:: And after three blissful days of broadband our livebox dies on us:: Adam turns about to show him the lump on the back of his head:: This might sound like a contradiction of terms or simply lunacy :: whose break is it:: Even if a picture suggested by theory were not precisely correct intelligent speculation is a goad for more intense experimental scrutiny:: The avalanche scene will be the talking point of the film which was in a word spectacular but my favourite bit was when Diesel is staring at a brick wall and starts crying and gnashing his teeth:: :: These sentiments in my mind prohibited me from being honest and truthful to my friends:: We shared a pudding homemade apple tart with vanilla ice cream and blueberry sauce:: He gave her seeds for the variety and told her to roast the plants seeds and grind them for a caffeinefree coffee substitute:: I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with senses reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use:: There appear to be intelligent arguments both for and against this plan:: The first dismissal arrived just two minutes later when Hale turned from hero to villain:: The story contrasts Asian and western concepts relating suicide and heroism :: I have a tendency to put these things in the class of mass hysteria :: All this provides a certainty that messy real life so tryingly fails to
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