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:: Their managers clung stubbornly to the narrow definition of their enterprise they were in the railroad business:: Emmas face is red with anger her eyes flash in fury and her hair seems to have bushed out with rage:: And then she had the temerity to sit there in a press conference and argue between herself and yourself:: Ive found more and more female presenters hosting entertainment programmes parroting their Hong Kong and Taiwanese counterparts:: Police are keen to speak to or receive information on a man in a redhooded top who was standing near to the incident:: Matildas inability to be magnanimous in victory had cost the country another 12 years of civil war:: Their function is to prepare the minds of the young to conciliate goodwill so that they will readily accept the prescriptions of the law:: I also noticed that there was a string hanging out of the waiters fly :: Your colleagues and middle managers are schmucks looking for heroes and you are the future but you have to dress the part:: For example their latest motherboards boast features like builtin wireless capabilities and a whole host of software to recover the worst computer crashes:: It was greeted with derision there is really no other word for it around the country:: Their methods are always very slick and their message is always consistent and its always delivered with the requisite derisive tone:: Turn heat to high and close lid for at least 10 minutes:: Where there is trouble to be enacted they lie at its bitter heart:: In those halcyon days the unemployed stood in line signed a chit took the chit to another line stood there till their turn at the desk and were given unemployment benefit in cash:: It must be fearsomely confusing for foreigners:: Following this he feathered the three propellers then unfeathered one at a time in an attempt to restart at least one engine without success:: you must know hed give any of us the moon:: Youre making me sound like some moonstruck girl of ten:: It is of record that fifty years ago an ice gorge formed near here:: For the moment though London is making the most of it and I spent lunchtime sat in Soho Square reading a rival magazine amid the topless cuties :: I received another email from JoAnn She said the project is a go :: He looked like a fouryearold on Christmas Eve by the way his blue eyes sparkled and danced:: Without sounding immodest I have no trouble meeting men because I am quite regularly described as a real looker and easy on the eyes:: Theyre not only seen as polluters but as Bad People as selfish and immoral individuals
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