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:: Amsterdam is famous indeed infamous for its relaxed laws on certain narcotic substances:: A headteacher has spoken of his shock at the sudden death of one of his popular young pupils:: And the advantage to a pivoting shoe is it allows you to more easily work on undulating round or contour surfaces:: The dialogue is often artful with sly suggestions that the seeds of various Shakespearean plots and themes were sown in the muck of their messy affair:: He declared her a stunner and within days they were besotted with each other:: It somewhat spooked Russell according to the liner notes:: This was a thoughtful quiet museum which nicely complemented the manic excitement of the Dracula Experience:: This procedure uses artificial extracorporeal circulation to provide oxygenated blood to vital organs while the heart is stopped:: He sighed more exhaustedly than regretfully I thought:: Watson says the band took the mickey out of people who took themselves too seriously:: Foreign girls are vivacious flirtatious open minded and fun:: The Department of Health are sweeties they have compiled a website of drinking woes suffered by teens and preteens:: Its certain that the greater world would not be affected any more than would be the great sweep of history:: As a result the next generation was to tend towards political quietism and worst of all a crass materialism:: Sure they can whine about negative depictions but much of that is caused by their own lack of character and craven pandering:: It is noteworthy too that the stock market does not appear fully sold on the recovery story though some might argue that here too recovery has already and overconfidently been built in to existing ratings:: Our footballers are too stupid to tell the difference between smack and steroids and havent a clue where to score either:: They say ignorance is bliss and that proved to be the case because I wasnt overawed in that first game:: He plays a vital role travelling ahead of us to check our intended route is safely passable and helping anyone who falls overboard :: Widows bereft parents and odd widower you could always count on seeing a few of them sitting by a grave:: I was there at his first fashion show and people went berserk :: I got changed and started repacking my stuff from my bag into a suitcase:: I studied her downcast eyes and continued Who did these then:: Whether youre the warm and fuzzy sort or youre like me and find enforced jollity a serious downer its hard to avoid contemplating hearth and home and the ghosts of Christmas past at this time of year:: Ever since he broke into Alexs first team as a lively 16year old away to Gillingham in October 2000 he has looked the part:: Seeking to protect his pregnant wife gangster Gui decides to give himself up to the authorities only to find his act of selfsacrifice results in the loss of everything to less scrupulous rivals:: The work was a breakthrough spawning the birth of two literary genres sciencefiction and horror fiction:: Traditional university football powerhouses from Melbourne included Victoria and Ballarat and these looked strong and hard to beat
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